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Executive Director of a large charity

- Executive Director of a large charity

"We have a large budget and detailed reporting requirements. DAS provides us with all of our bookkeeping, payroll and financial controller responsibilities. Our directors now get the information they want and in a clear format. We are very glad to work with DAS and we cannot recommend them highly enough!"

MD, CDG Leisure

- MD, CDG Leisure

We use DAS to outsource our entire accounts process. Pesach and his team are extremely responsive, and are very proactive in resolving accounting issues and presenting solutions.

Motti Ifergan

- UPP Planning Consultants

Known Pesach (CEO) in a professional capacity for many years and would not hesitate to recommend.

Mervyn Hughes

- Partner at Berkeley Asset Management LLP

"DAS have transformed our accounts department, and their incredible use of technology has introduced massive efficiencies in our organisation. We get great value for money from their services. We would not hesitate to recommend them…”

Jeremy Stein

- CEO at Drawing and Planning Ltd.

DAS Accounting Services Ltd. offer a great Service. They are modern, up to date company who offer an affordable professional service. I am delighted to recommend Pesach and the team at DAS.

A Company Director

- A Company Director

Pesach (CEO) is an incredible and hard working individual. Discreet and honorable. Truly a wonderful guy and his expertise is solid.