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Entrusting your finances to an external provider can be unnerving. Our reputation, however, rests on our ability to generate dependable, positive results for our clients – time after time.

From delivering seamless payroll services you can rely upon, to providing clear, effective tax advice, every service we offer is delivered by experienced professionals from our skilled team of CFOs, accountants and bookkeepers.

As well as traditional values of quality, dependability and transparency, we’re also committed to delivering accounting, auditing and financial services for the ever-evolving digital age. From our innovations with cloud-based accounting and auditing platform Xero, to our fresh approaches informed by industry developments, we keep your business and our services at the cutting edge.


Here whenever you need us

Business doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. When you choose DaS, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. This manager will be your convenient point of contact for every specialist who works on your account. Through this point of contact we promise to:

Respond to every phone call within three business hours
Respond to every email within one business day
Be available between 8am-6pm via mobile or 9am-5pm via our switchboard


Harnessing the latest technology & insights

Just like sharks which stop swimming, businesses that don’t keep up with their industry only-too-often drown. We keep our clients up to date with the latest innovations and practices, ensuring their their tasks are being completed as efficiently, effectively and powerfully as possible. To do this, we promise to:

  • Keep our finger on the pulse of our industry
  • Embrace the latest technology & enable your business to do the same
  • Innovate with tools like Xero to make services ever-more convenient


Constantly finessing & evolving

It’s not just technology and industry best practice which evolve. Your business is constantly evolving too. That means its needs will constantly change, whether you’re going in for a first funding round or expanding to take on more staff. To help you thrive, we work hard to anticipate your needs, flag up financial changes and offer expert advice and guidance at every step of the way. To meet the needs of your business we promise to:

  • Communicate in depth with you to keep pace with your business
  • Flag up any insights we have into your finances as they arise
  • Provide comprehensive feedback and information on a regular basis
  • Constantly look for fresh ways to improve our practice