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Meet the DAS Team

CEO and Managing Director

Pesach Davidoff

Pesach is the founder and Managing Director of DAS and has been at the helm since 2007. He has been an ACCA chartered certified accountant since 2007, with extensive experience at a selection of UK-based boutique accountancy firms. It is Pesach’s entrepreneurial insights that have led to the ongoing growth and development of DAS, now spread across 3 continents including both the east and west coasts of the USA. Notwithstanding his executive oversight of the continued expansion of DAS, Pesach remains consistently at the forefront of our personable client interactions and continues to service a vast array of client accounts.

Accounts and Tax Department

Accounts and Tax Manager

Sharon Rafaelov

Sharon qualified as an ICAEW chartered accountant in 2011 and joined DAS in 2019. Sharon has gained experience in general practice and is responsible for the Accounts and Tax team working with a broad range of clients from property investment and trading to the non-profit sector, as well as working on corporate transactions playing an important role on behalf of clients.

Accounts Client Services

Ana Maria Caraiman

Ana joined DAS in March 2019 and she is currently studying towards obtaining the ACCA qualification. She is part of the Accounts team, responsible for preparing the financial statements, personal tax returns, and dealing with various tax matters.

Accounts Client Services

Yisroel Ginsbury

Yisroel joined DAS in 2018 and is studying towards ACCA qualification. Yisroel is responsible for the completion of statutory accounts and HMRC tax returns for both the corporate and charity sector, and personal tax returns. He also advises a range of clients in regards to property taxes and compliance with charity commision regulations.

Accounts Client Services

Asra Hamid

Asra is an ACCA finalist and joined DAS in 2021. Asra has experience of more than 2 years. Asra is responsible for preparing the accounts of property investment and trading companies as well as non-profits.

Bookkeeping and VAT Department

Bookkeeping, VAT, and Payroll Manager

Rob Caplan

Rob has been an ICAEW chartered accountant since 2008 and joined DAS in early 2013. He swiftly advanced to his current position as Bookkeeping & Payroll Manager, where he is responsible for the team working hand in hand with our clients on their VAT, payroll and daily bookkeeping requirements.

Bookkeeping Assistant Manager & PA

Simon Shenker

Simon joined DAS Accounting 7 years ago, and worked his way up to the role of Assistant Manager of the Bookkeeping Department. He trained at a mid-size firm in the Midlands in accounts preparation and audit, dealing with SME clients in many sectors. He is part qualified with ACCA.


Libby Fischer

Libby, originally from London, joined DAS in January 2020 as a newly qualified bookkeeper. She has become part of our bookkeeping team working with the clients on their daily bookkeeping requirements and VAT.

Bookkeeping Client Service Expert

Nayan Mange

Nayan has been Master in Commerce and part-qualified Chartered Accountant. He has joined DAS in November 2017 as a Bookkeeping client service expert. He has 7 years of experience in preparing and reviewing Management accounts, VAT, and Bookkeeping for UK clients. He is successful at cultivating effective working relationships at all levels while driving improvements to budget administration, expense tracking, and forecasting future financial needs. He has a proven track record of performing work with ethics and best quality.


Tabbasum Bukhari

Tabbasum studied MBA and Masters in Commerce in 2016 and is part qualified Chartered Accountant from an Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants. After gaining extensive experience in UK bookkeeping and registrations, she joined DAS Accounting Services Ltd in February 2018 as a bookkeeping and registration expert. This led to VAT preparation, a wide range of registrations and other HMRC communication on behalf of clients. Tabbasum deals with UK and non UK companies’ VAT returns, bookkeeping and registrations.


Chani Gluck

Chani qualified as an AAT Certified Bookkeeper in 2019 and joined DAS in 2021 after freelancing for a number of SME’s. She started work in the Charitable Sector and now works primarily in the construction and property sector. Chani is responsible for the daily bookkeeping requirements including initial reconciliations and analysis of your books.


Simon Weiss

Simon is a level 4 qualified AAT Accountant and has been working at DAS since Octover 2019. He has over 3 years of experience as head of accounts for a large Special Ed school in the UK and is currently responsible for the preparing of accounts for a large client group.

Payroll Expert

Divyesh Ranpara

Divyesh joined DAS Accounting in May, 2017 after receiving 1 year of experience in Client Management. Due to being Computer and Maths friendly since schooling, he grabbed all payroll tasks quickly and advanced to Payroll Expert from Payroll Admin within a year in DAS.

Administration Department

Administration Manager & Internal Accountant

Adrian Rodrigues-Pereira

Adrian joined DAS in February 2020 with two decades of bookkeeping and accounts preparation experience, as a Financial Controller and Administrator within the charity sector and other local businesses. As the Group Financial Manager, he manages the internal Accounts department and supports our Bookkeeping and Accounts departments in enabling our clients to receive a streamlined service that is both efficient and effective.


Batsheva Davidoff

Batsheva has been working in Administration since 2015 for various companies. She now works alongside the accounts department and assists our accountants on the admin side, as well as assisting with internal bookkeeping.

Reception and Administration Support

Rina Yefet

Rina joined DAS in January 2021 as Reception and Administration Support.
As our “front desk” her sunny disposition makes her ideal for this role.
She also plays a vital role behind the scenes ensuring the company continues to function on a day to day basis.


Meryaniel Aracan

Yani – who is based in the Philippines – supports our Admin department.
She plays a vital role behind the scenes ensuring the company continues to function on a day to day basis.